I have had a complaint about my watermark on the photos... the reason it is there is to try and prevent theft. I wish we lived in a world where artists wouldn't have to worry about that, but we don't. I appreciate your understanding.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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All my daydreams for a long time have started with "If I lived alone I'd..."

What do you do if absolutely nothing in your life represents you?How do you know if something you are doing is something that represents who you are? Does it make you happy? Then my suspicions are correct.. because nothing does that for me anymore...I think these feelings are due to having no control over my own life whatsoever except the ultimate decision to just walk away from it...

Have you ever been at the point where nothing about your life is "you"? I don't know that I'd recognize what was "me" if I saw it.

Even my photography is depressing these days... one more barn, windmill, or tree and I'm going to scream... I'm so bored with the tiny little world I live in...

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