I have had a complaint about my watermark on the photos... the reason it is there is to try and prevent theft. I wish we lived in a world where artists wouldn't have to worry about that, but we don't. I appreciate your understanding.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

You didn't really want to make this bed, did you? (photo 3, 2010)

Click on photo to see full size.


Daryl said...

Awww... reminds me of our sweet Gus .. he used to love to snuggle with the pillows in the unmade bed

Anita said...

This is Guardian, "Gar" for short after the character Sam Elliot played in Mask :) He is half Blue Heeler and half German Sheppard and we got him after he'd been abused as a puppy... he is a big baby for us, but doesn't much like strangers... Momma's boy :)