I have had a complaint about my watermark on the photos... the reason it is there is to try and prevent theft. I wish we lived in a world where artists wouldn't have to worry about that, but we don't. I appreciate your understanding.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ft. Larned, Kansas - group II

The lighting wasn't good inside the fort, so the ones where the lighting was
the worst I turned into "vintage" photos...

Click on photo to see full size.


bj said...

These are awesome photos. What an interesting place to go.

So glad you came by to see me. And, sorry to hear you are having a hectic time right now. Hope things settle down for you soon. I think of you often..
xo bj

Anita said...

Thanks BJ! I think with a 5th grader, a job, and being a full time college student "hectic" is just par for the course ;)