I have had a complaint about my watermark on the photos... the reason it is there is to try and prevent theft. I wish we lived in a world where artists wouldn't have to worry about that, but we don't. I appreciate your understanding.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Waiting For Halloween Photobucket
Lined Tiger Moth caterpillar Photobucket
Pretty Calf
Young Swallow Photobucket
Yellow Jacket wasp (newly hatched, I think) Photobucket
Fawn, alone (story below) Photobucket
This little fawn was alone, no deer around with him. I got out of the truck and walked towards him, as he watched me. When I stopped, he walked probably 20 feet closer to me and stopped. We just stood watching each other for a bit, then he looked around, and looked back at me and wandered off, bored with the game. He was beautiful.


Sam Gior said...

Bonjour toi :) Comme d'habitude de très belles photos, mes préférées sont celles de la biche (deer) et du chat, thanks for sharing ^^ Country road's one is amazing ! Miss you, hugs ;)

Anita said...

Bonjour :) Merci beaucoup, Sam... J'ai regardé pour vous le samedi...Tu me manques aussi... bisous!! xox